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Summary Judgments Granted; Settlements Obtained in Legal Malpractice Action

Attorneys Patrick S. Casey, Sandra M. Chapman, and Ryan P. Orth of Casey & Chapman, PLLC, have obtained favorable settlements on behalf of two Plaintiffs against three attorneys and two law firms. The legal malpractice action involved both West Virginia and Pennsylvania and included claims for professional negligence, breach of contract, and fraud arising from the Defendants’ failures to meet the statute of limitations for Plaintiffs’ underlying claims arising from a motor vehicle accident.

Following the favorable settlement of one attorney and one law firm, the Court granted Plaintiffs’ motion for summary judgment against the remaining attorneys and law firm and denied such Defendants’ motions for summary judgment, leaving only the issue of damages for Plaintiffs, including punitive damages, for trial. Ultimately, a favorable settlement was reached on behalf of both Plaintiffs against the remaining attorneys and law firm prior to trial. In addition to summary judgment, the Court granted the extraordinary relief of sanctions on three separate occasions to Plaintiffs against certain Defendants due to their litigation conduct.

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